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Fish Tacos with Collard Greens Slaw

Yields1 Serving

Any fish will work for this one, but Mahi Mahi paired perfectly with the avocado crema, the collard green slaw and the corn tortillas. In keeping with reduced grocery store trips, feel free to experiment with substitutions. I made it the first time with pickled daikon radishes instead of jicama.

Avocado Crema
 1 Avocado
 ½ cup Cilantro - Chopped
 1 Lime - Juiced
 ¼ cup Plain Yogurt
 ½ Jalapeno - Stem and Seeds Removed and Chopped
 ¼ cup Water
 Corn Tortillas for Tacos - I Like Sprouted Corn Tortillas or Extra Points for Homemade
 6 Oz Filet Per Person Mahi Mahi, Cod, Sea Bass or Salmon - I Used Mahi Mahi - I Like the Taste & Texture
 2 tsp Chili Powder
 Fat Pinch of Salt
 Fat Pinch of Coarse Ground or Cracked Pepper
 ¼ cup Avocado Oil to Fry Fish
 1 Bunch of Collards - Stems Removed and Leaves Cut into Thin Ribbons
 ½ Onion - Red or Yellow - Sliced As Thin As Possible
 4 -6 Radishes - Sliced As Thin As Possible
 1 Lime - Zest and Juice
 ½ cup Cilantro - Chopped
 Jicama - Peeled and Make a Large Handful of 2" Long Match Sticks - Use The Rest To Make Jicima Fries
 Fat Pinch of Salt & Pepper
 ½ Jalapeno - Stem and Seeds Removed - Diced
 Easy glug of EVOO

We'll start with the crema. You can use a food processor or blender, I used a blender because it cleans up easier.

Add an avocado, 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of plain yogurt, 1/2 cup of cilantro, a pinch of salt and 1/2 chopped jalapeno to blender cup or food processor and pulse.


Pat the fish filets dry with a paper towel and lay them out on a plate or small rimmed sheet pan. Put chili powder, fat pinch of salt and fat pinch of cracked pepper in a bowl and then sprinkle this liberally on the fish filets. We'll let these hang out while we make the slaw.


Cut the collard greens into thin ribbons and put them in a medium sized bowl.

Slice the radishes as thin as possible and add them to the bowl.

Slice the 1/2 onion the same way - as thin as possible - into the bowl.

Add the 1/2 cup of chopped cilantro.

If you're using jicama - peel the jicama and cut a handful of 2" matchsticks. The first time I made this I used pickled daikon radishes, but apple would probably be a better and more available alternative.

Add the diced Jalapeno.

Add a gentle glug of EVOO.

Add a fat pinch of salt and pepper

Zest a lime and add the zest to the bowl and then squeeze the juice from the lime into the bowl.

We're going to use this to top the tacos.


The fish will cook pretty quickly. Add the Avocado oil to the skillet and heat over medium high heat.

When the skillet is hot and the oil is shimmering add the fish to the skillet skin side up. Leave it alone for about 3 minutes.

Turn it over and let it cook for another 2-3 minutes. We're looking for an internal temp of about 125.

When we turn the fish over, heat the tortillas in another skillet.

To assemble - put a smear of avocado crema on the tortilla and then add the fish and top with the slaw and the goat cheese.

Enjoy and Stay Safe!