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21 Days to A Balanced You

Build a healthier, more resilient version of yourself in 21 days

Are you worried that your healthiest days are behind you? Does the idea of getting in better shape wear you out just thinking about it? I’ve got great news! Getting healthy doesn’t have to be an ass whip. It just requires a little time, a reasonable amount of effort and desire.

I’ve taken the best of my $1000 one-day intensive program, added some additional content and resources and broken it down into 24 daily bite-sized pieces that you can put into use the same day and it will be available on my site for future reference. You will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive resource on getting and staying healthy than this one – and because 2020 was its own challenge – I’m making 21 Days to A Balanced You Free for the next 90 days!

Here’s what you will get with this program

During the 21 days, we’ll cover, do-able sustainable approaches to everything from diet to exercise to sleep and stress.  You’ll have all you need to own that “healthy” New Year’s Resolution once and for all!

Day 1 – Getting Started

Go all in! And find out how healthy you can get in 21 days

Day 2 – Pantry & Fridge

You’ll find out how to fuel the new version of yourself

Day 3 – Paleo-Primal-Keto

Why should we care what a bunch of old guys ate anyway

Day 4 – Primal Blueprint

This will show you how to build the healthiest version of yourself with the least amount of hassle

Day 5 – Move

You’re not a potted plant, get up and move

Day 6 – Restaurants & Social Gatherings

You’ll learn how to navigate restaurants and social gatherings without going off the rails

Day 7 – More Food Ideas

Some suggestions on how to take some of the hassle out of meal time

Day 8 – Epigenetics

What in the hell is epigenetics and why should you care

Day 9 – Sleep

You’ll find out why sleep is critical and some ways to improve yours

Day 10 – 180 Minus Your Age

You’ll find out why grinding away on the treadmill may be undermining your health goals

Day 11 – Low Hassle Full Flavor

More ideas for how to fix fantastic food without the hassle

Day 12 – Alcohol

Some suggestions for better booze options

Day 13 – Sunshine

Sunshine helps keep you healthy

Day 14 – How are you doing?

Checking in to see how you’re doing

Day 15 – Snacks & Dairy

Since you’re not on the refined carb/ insulin roller coaster snacks become less urgent and are just regular food, we also talk a little about full fat dairy

Day 16 – Lift Heavy Things

We explore ways to make strength training part of your routine

Day 17 – Sprinting

It’s not just for the track team–find out why it’s important and how to do it safely

Day 18 – Stress Management

Ignoring this can undermine your progress and your health

Day 19 – Perfect is a Trap

Understand why it’s critical to cut yourself some slack

Day 20 – Ketosis

What is ketosis and why should you care

Day 21 – What’s Next

A word of thanks and some additional resources

Pricing and Other Details


In the comfort of your home


New sessions start on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month
(start date options will be provided during the checkout process)


21 days



How To Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many diets out there - how do I know this is the right one?

I hear you. I asked the same thing – but what I figured out was that Paleo / Primal / Keto was basically our factory issued eating strategy. The reason that we have so many diabetics and overweight people is that we have a metabolism that was built to survive in a scarce food environment and we’ve plugged it into a carb-heavy, super-abundant food environment. We’ve got to pay attention to how we’re wired to eat.

How can anyone afford to eat grass fed meats and organic fruits and veggies?

Great question. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. This is about making smart food choices. Not everything has to be grass fed and organic but when you stop buying fast or prepared food you realize that you can cook some incredible meals for a fraction of what you spend eating out. The other thing that you realize is that when you pay for a happy meal at a fast food place, the price that you pay at the register is only a fraction of the cost of that meal. Fast food is the gift that just keeps on giving…

I'm a lousy cook. Can you still help me?

You don’t have to be a chef to crank out some great food. You’ll learn how to cook meals that don’t take all day to cook and that taste fantastic.

I've got a medical condition - shouldn't I check with my doctor first?

Absolutely. I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to give medical advice. I started this website because my wife and I have been eating this way for years and we loved how it made us feel and we wanted to introduce this way of eating to others.

Why do you have stuff on here about movement and sleep? Isn't it just calories in vs calories burned?

Just like we’ve gotten some sketchy advice about what types of foods we should be eating we’ve also gotten some questionable advice about burning off calories. There’s growing research that suggests that our diet, sleep and stress management play an even greater role in weight management than exercise and that the type and intensity of exercise we choose plays a critical roll in determining if exercise is going to enhance or counter our weight management goals.

I'm in terrible shape and walking to the mailbox wears my ass out - how can I get this to work for me?

Not a problem. This is about taking steps in the right direction. First, we’ll get your diet headed in the right direction and walking to the mailbox counts as exercise. You’ll keep building on that until you’re heading around the block. This is about building on your progress.

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