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I moved to Austin in the late 70’s to get a biology degree from UT and I’ve been here ever since. I worked for years in the technology and telecommunications sectors in Austin but I was always interested in health and nutrition. I was a big fan of heart healthy whole grains, avoided saturated fat and did my best to eat lean meats. So, I was surprised and a little pissed off when I found out that I had heart disease. My whole wheat muffins had let me down.

That’s when I found Paleo or it found me. I read Robb Wolf’s, The Paleo Solution and I was hooked. The science made sense to me and I liked the way that I felt when I started eating this way. It also addressed something else that I had been struggling with. Even before I was diagnosed with heart disease my doc had wanted me to start taking statins. After the diagnosis I had both my doc and my cardiologist wanting me to get on statins. I passed. Not because I’m anti-medicine, but because I wanted to understand why all the “heart-healthy” whole grains I’d been eating hadn’t worked.

A good friend of mine died after taking Vioxx for back pain. I understand that there’s no connection between Vioxx and statins, but my friend’s death made me realize that all that scary stuff that they say at the end of the drug commercials isn’t just to humor their attorneys, those are real side effects that are happening to real people.

I decided that I’d take my chances and give Paleo/Primal a try. Since I’m the cook, my wife did it with me. We realized pretty quick that this wasn’t one of those “this taste like shit but they say it’s healthy” diets. The food taste great. That’s because it’s real food- not some garbage in a box with ingredients that you can’t pronounce. And in addition to tasting good we were both pleased with the results. I lost about 20 pounds and my doc was happy and I just felt better. More energy, sleeping like a baby and no more brain fog.

There’s a mountain of information available about ancestral eating and also information exploring how certain types of exercise works with our Paleo/ Primal wiring and some works against it.

I was curious why more people weren’t adopting this way of eating and I realized that there was so much information that it just shuts a lot of folks down. They’re trying to wrap their brain around Paleo or Primal or Keto and they just say to hell with it and order a pizza.

Getting healthy shouldn’t be a hassle or an ass whip. I want to help people understand how ancestral eating can help them balance their primal wiring with our modern world.

I love food and I enjoy cooking but I realize that if I had to follow a recipe all the time I probably wouldn’t like it as much. I’ll look at recipes to get new ideas of flavor combinations but I’m not a big ½ a teaspoon of this and 2 ounces of that type of cook. I want to help people take the hassle out of getting healthy without having to resort to eating boring food.

I want to help you discover A Balanced You.

If you’d like to learn more about my experience or, better yet, are interested in learning how you can get in better shape than you ever thought possible without having to eat food that you hate or killing yourself in the gym let’s schedule a 15-minute call.