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sample of nutritional profiles

Nutritional Profiles

Whether your goal is to maintain your current weight or to turn your body into a fat burning machine – use the 38 pages of nutritional information in this guide to help make that journey a LOT easier.


Key Primal Concepts

Here’s a quick snapshot of what primal is all about.


Restaurant & Social Gathering Strategy

You don’t have to blow up your progress every time you go out to eat or go to a social or family event. Here’s some helpful hints to navigate some of the land mines. Sorry I don’t have any guidance for handling your weird Uncle Bob.


Roadmap To A Balanced You

Don’t worry – if you haven’t been exercising I’m not going to have you running sprints tomorrow. This is about helping you build a sustainable strategy.


Primal Approved At A Glance

One of the great parts about Primal is all of the incredible food that you get to eat – take a look at some of the great stuff that will be on your menu as well as some info about lifestyle and exercise.


Primal Avoid At A Glance

Saying goodbye to these items will help you quickly say hello to better health, energy and vitality.

Kitchen Essentials

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