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Hi, I'm Jim

Your Certified Primal Health Coach

Let’s build a stronger, leaner, more energetic you. Choose one of the programs below to learn more!

60 Days to A Balanced You

This is a hands-on approach for people that don’t want to read another book or listen to another podcast and hope they can figure it out. If you’re ready to ditch the stuff in your kitchen that’s getting in your way of getting healthy and replacing it with food that will get you started on A Balanced You – this program is for you!

21 Day Challenge

I’ve taken the best of my $1000 one-day intensive program, added some additional content and resources and broken it down into 24 daily bite-sized pieces (including 3 intro days) that you can put into use the same day – we’ll cover everything from diet to exercise to sleep and stress!

Ancestral Cooking Workshop

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be an ass whip and it doesn’t have to be boring either. Grab two or three people that you’d like to go on your fitness journey with and let’s schedule a Lunch N’ Learn, Breakfast N’ Learn, Brunch N’ Learn, Dinner N’Learn…you get the idea

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