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Hi, I'm Jim

Your Certified Primal Health Coach

Let’s build a stronger, leaner, more energetic you

90 Day Intensive

This is a hands-on approach for people that don’t want to read another book or listen to another podcast and hope they can figure it out. If you’re ready to ditch the stuff in your kitchen that’s getting in your way of getting healthy and replacing it with food that will get you started on A Balanced You - this program is for you!


We're still hunter-gatherers at heart and at the genetic level and we're living proof that hunter-gatherers don't do well on a refined carb / fast food diet. A Balanced You is about eating real food that satisfies you, energizes you and supports your health. I work with you to build a sustainable way of eating that supports your goals and pleases your palate.

Starting point

The first thing that we do is understand where you are, understand a little about how you got there and what you want to accomplish. We also explore the steps and the work required to get started and your willingness to do the work.

The next 90 days

Informed by your starting point and your desired trajectory we build a strategy for your next 90 days. We'll discuss the differences between Paleo, Primal, Keto and AIP and map out a path.

Food Preferences, allergies and non-negotiables

We talk about what you like to eat as well as any food allergies/ intolerances and any non-negotiables.

Navigating common pitfalls

I help you build a strategy to handle restaurants, family gatherings, and those well-intended friends that can't help themselves.

Our genetic architecture / ancestral influence

We explore why we're wired to eat this way and why it's easy to get fat and sick eating a standard American diet.

Low hassle / full flavor meal planning

We'll explore some meal planning options that are big on flavor and low on hassle. I'll go over some of my approaches that minimize kitchen time but avoid eating the same food all the time.

Primal / Paleo Foods at a glance

We'll take a look at all of the great tasting food that's part of the Paleo/ Primal/ Keto wheelhouse.

Kitchen rehab

This isn't a construction project - instead, it's getting rid of the stuff in your fridge, cabinets, and pantry that can derail your progress. Bye bye Ben & Jerry's.

Carb Curve

We'll explore the carb curve and its effect on weight management and potential health consequences.

Grocery store strategy

We'll equip you with a new approach to grocery shopping that supports your health and tastes great.

Let's cook something

As part of this program, you will also get complimentary access to the Fearless Cooking program - a live weekly cooking webinar where we prepare delicious meals together.


Getting and staying healthy shouldn't require endless hours in the gym. It does mean that we have to get off our ass and move. It also means that we need to lift heavy things (pushups and air squats count) and we need to sprint once in a while. We'll figure out an exercise / movement strategy that supports your goals and gets you started

The magic of 180-your age heart rate

We'll discuss the deep downside of chronic cardio and how and why to avoid it.

Primal aligned movements

We'll look at some strength training options that will start where you are.

Importance of play and movement

For years we've been convinced that if we're not miserable and sweating it's not working. We'll take a look at the importance of play and the benefit of just going for a walk or a hike.


You may not be ready for a full out sprint but we'll plot a path so that when your body is ready you can reap the metabolic benefits.


We all know someone that brags about how little sleep they can get by on. Growing evidence suggests that lack of sleep impacts brain function, memory formation, elevates the stress hormone cortisol, and disrupts metabolism for starters. Are you a 5 hours of sleep and 10 cups a coffee kind of person or have you figured out how to get your sleep?

Sleep prep

What you do in the hours leading up to bed can have a big impact on your quality of sleep. We'll take a look at how to put the odds in your favor for some solid ZZZs.

Sleep environment

Some people can sleep anywhere, for the rest of us subtle changes to our environment can help improve our sleep. We'll also look at some sleep hacks that travel well.

Stress Management

The fight or flight hormonal cascade evolved to save our lives –that quick shot of adrenalin might have been enough to keep us from being a bear’s dinner. Luckily we don’t get chased by a lot of bears these days but if we’re not careful chronic stress can eat our lunch just effectively as a bear. How's your stress management?

Building your stress management muscles

Stress management is a lot like strength training we need to consciously and consistently build our capacity. We'll explore some practices that will help build those mental resiliency muscles.


Here's play again. it's an important part of helping us unwind and restoring our perspective. It also helps keep us interesting and engaging.

Pricing and Other Details


Phone and web conference


Mutually agreed dates and times


90 days


$1000 or 3 payments of $350 each

How To Get Started

Schedule a free 15-minute call with me and let’s get started building your version of A Balanced You.

If you are ready to get started, click here to signup.

Ongoing Coaching and Accountability

Changing how you eat, sleep and move isn’t that complicated but it’s hard. It’s rewarding as hell. It’s also incredibly liberating; but it’s not easy. If it was, everyone would look like their high school year pictures except wiser and more distinguished. Ongoing coaching and accountability is about having a partner in the process – someone that can help you through the rough spots

Pricing and Other Details


Phone and web conference


Weekly calls at mutually agreed dates and times


Four 30-minute sessions


$250 / month

How To Get Started

Schedule a free 15-minute call and let’s see if I can help support your ongoing progress on your health and fitness journey.

If you are ready to get started, click here

Ancestral Cooking Workshop

Exploring full flavor low hassle paleo, primal and keto meals

Getting healthy doesn't have to be an ass whip and it doesn't have to be boring either. Grab two or three people that you'd like to go on your fitness journey with and let's schedule a Lunch N' Learn, Breakfast N' Learn, Brunch N' Learn, Dinner N' get the idea

Schedule For The Day

Have you heard all of the talk about Paleo / Primal / and Keto and you want to get a better handle on what it's about? Do you love fantastic tasting food? Do you have 2 or 3 friends that you'd like to drag into it with you? If so, this 3-hour hands-on approach to changing how you look at food and fitness is perfect for you


Roadmap to A Balanced You

We'll use the lens of evolution and figure out how to use our built-in Ancestral genetic blueprint to build a smarter, more sustainable approach to how we eat, how we move and a better appreciation for sleep and stress reduction.

Primal Carb Curve

We'll explore the Primal Carb Curve and understand the impact that excess carbs can have on weight management, energy levels and our health.

Primal Food Pyramid

Primal / Paleo and Keto approaches to eating offer an incredible array of delicious foods. We'll explore the options.

Foods to Avoid

We'll take a look at some of the things that may have been blowing up our fitness goals and even our health for years.


Exploring low hassle approaches to building A Balanced You

The goal of A Balanced You is to take the hassle out of getting healthy and that's exactly how we will approach cooking for yourself and your family.

Instant Pot, Sous Vide, Roasting, Grilling, Vacuum Sealing

We'll take a look at approaches that can take some of the hassles out of food without sacrificing flavor.

Full Flavor

We'll explore some simple ways to add additional depth and punch to your food.

Pricing and Other Details


In the comfort of your home (Austin TX metro area)


A mutually agreed date and time


Approximately 3 hours


$500 + cost of food

How To Get Started

Schedule a free 15-minute call and we’ll discuss how you and your chosen tribe can start enjoying great tasting food and a low hassle way to get there.

If you are ready to get started, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many diets out there - how do I know this is the right one?

I hear you. I asked the same thing - but what I figured out was that Paleo / Primal / Keto was basically our factory issued eating strategy. The reason that we have so many diabetics and overweight people is that we have a metabolism that was built to survive in a scarce food environment and we've plugged it into a carb-heavy, super-abundant food environment. We've got to pay attention to how we're wired to eat.

How can anyone afford to eat grass fed meats and organic fruits and veggies?

Great question. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. This is about making smart food choices. Not everything has to be grass fed and organic but when you stop buying fast or prepared food you realize that you can cook some incredible meals for a fraction of what you spend eating out. The other thing that you realize is that when you pay for a happy meal at a fast food place, the price that you pay at the register is only a fraction of the cost of that meal. Fast food is the gift that just keeps on giving...

I'm a lousy cook. Can you still help me?

You don't have to be a chef to crank out some great food. You'll learn how to cook meals that don't take all day to cook and that taste fantastic.

I've got a medical condition - shouldn't I check with my doctor first?

Absolutely. I'm not a doctor and I'm not going to give medical advice. I started this website because my wife and I have been eating this way for years and we loved how it made us feel and we wanted to introduce this way of eating to others.

Why do you have stuff on here about movement and sleep? Isn't it just calories in vs calories burned?

Just like we've gotten some sketchy advice about what types of foods we should be eating we've also gotten some questionable advice about burning off calories. There's growing research that suggests that our diet, sleep and stress management play an even greater role in weight management than exercise and that the type and intensity of exercise we choose plays a critical roll in determining if exercise is going to enhance or counter our weight management goals.

I'm in terrible shape and walking to the mailbox wears my ass out - how can I get this to work for me?

Not a problem. This is about taking steps in the right direction. First, we'll get your diet headed in the right direction and walking to the mailbox counts as exercise. You'll keep building on that until you're heading around the block. This is about building on your progress.

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