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Take Charge of Your Health

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I had been resisting making lifestyle changes for my health for a while. My blood test numbers were getting worse and I had to do something. Working with Jim made the dietary transitions much easier than I thought they would be. With his knowledge, support and hands-on accompaniment, I was able to make big changes with great results. I also never thought that strength training would make such a difference but it has. Jim made the process so manageable for me. All my numbers have improved. When he told me the name of his new coaching program was called “Doable” I told him that’s a perfect way to describe it.

Janet from Texas
Rating: 5

As someone who has struggled maintaining a healthy weight, I appreciate the perspective I have been able to gain from Jim’s guidance. There is an abundance of information out there but it is so hard to sift through all the “noise”.

I not only gained some much-needed accountability and support through this program but it also changed my relationship with food. I finally feel like I am off the diet merry go round and on track understanding how food affects me. Not only have I dropped the pesky quarantine pounds but I’m sleeping better, my stress is managed and for the first time in my life, I actually love my workout plan!

Jim, thank you so much for your guidance, knowledge and support. This experience has truly been life changing.

Lindsey from Colorado
Rating: 5

Where do I begin?! How about losing 28 lbs in 2 months…and have kept it off since…all by eating REAL food, probably the first time in my adult life, and by being more efficient with my workouts. Needless to say, Jim has transformed my life. I have more energy to play with my kids than I’ve ever had, more mental clarity to run my business and I actually now look forward to whipping up delicious and healthy meals for my family, instead of going through the drive-thru every evening. Was definitely a sceptic when I first started working with Jim but so glad that I stuck it out!

Moe from California
Rating: 5

Jim has transformed the way my family and I shop, prepare, and enjoy food! From helping us sort through our pantry to eliminate foods that weren’t aligned with our health and wellness goals, to walking us through the grocery store aisles to ensure we were making better informed and flavorful choices, and teaching us how to make healthy and delicious meals using efficient appliances such as our InstaPot and oven, A Balanced You has been so easy and fun to work with!

Ramona from Ontario, Canada
Rating: 5

DOABLE is a 12 week, weekly one-on-one video coaching program. It also includes brief daily text check-ins, that support you and keep you on track. 

You’ll leverage food, movement, and recovery so that they work for you instead of against you.  This takes a huge part of the battle out of getting and staying healthy.

Success comes from building sustainable, DOABLE, enjoyable habits that put you in charge of your health.

Over the three months you’ll become a pro at navigating the obstacles and the stumbles that normally doom most diets and “getting healthy” attempts.

DOABLE is tailored to you and your goals. Below are some examples of what we may cover, but I get it, Yoga may not be for everyone – your program may have more hands-on cooking or more stability work:


Deep down we’re still hunter-gatherers and we don’t do well if we stop eating real food and start eating stuff engineered to outsmart our full switch.

Doable is about focusing on real food that satisfies you, energizes you, and supports your health.

You’ll build a sustainable, satisfying way of eating that helps you crush your goals, delights your palate and doesn’t have you walking around hungry and cranky all the time.

Supporting Your Inner Chef

You and I are going to figure out where you are, how you got there, where you want to go, and why. 

Then, together we’ll build and execute a DOABLE path to getting you there.

You’ll become a more intuitive cook along the way so that cooking and food become your secret weapons instead of your stumbling blocks.

Our Goal:

You’ll become one of those people that can open a refrigerator and pull a meal together in minutes. Even if it’s not your refrigerator! Learning how to cook intuitively is a game changer.

How we get there:

Pantry Purging – We clear out the grains, the sugars, the industrial oils and the heavily processed junk.

Restocking – You restock with real food – i.e, meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, etc.

Winning with Real Food – You’ll be surprised how much better and less expensive your food is than take-out, drive through or restaurants. And at a fraction of the price!

Becoming a More Intuitive Cook – You’ll get challenges, exercises and coaching designed to help you build your cooking skills and confidence.

Giving The Cook The Day Off – Creative options when you don’t feel like cooking.

Exploring Tools and Techniques – You’ll learn techniques and affordable tools like sous vide, air fryer, Instant Pot, Grills and Smokers, and even a simple sheet tray to reduce hassle, waste, and expense while maximizing flavor and satisfaction.

Conquering Meal Boredom – We’ll use a meal planning template to help you avoid getting stuck in a food rut.

Cooking Strategically – Knowing that dinner is effortlessly ready in minutes or that it’s already cooked and just has to be assembled is a wonderful feeling.

Becoming a Culinary Bad Ass – You’ll learn easy ways to build layers of flavors like a pro.

Leveraging Sauces, Salsas, and Marinades – You’ll master sauces, salsas, and marinades that will quickly up your cooking game.

Learning What Works and Why

Understanding how highly processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress have blown up our health and make us sick  – We look at some doable ways to avoid these traps.

Our Goal:

Eating, moving, and recovering in alignment with how you’re wired make leaner, stronger, and more resilient easier than you ever imagined.

How we get there:

Learning the Problem with “eat less and move more” – You’ll learn why that and other dieting over-simplifications put you in a fight with your biology.

Understanding Your Primal Blueprint – Exercise Snacks and Short, Productive Workouts – You get stronger and more resilient without hours of cardio and sweat puddles.

Learning your Levers – Lifelong weight and health management begins by experiencing which changes drive your best results.

Establishing Sustainable Frameworks – Together we tailor DOABLE to work within the demands of your life.

Managing the Grocery Store & Eating Out

We’ll equip you with a new grocery shopping and restaurant strategy that saves time, money, and tastes incredible!

Our Goal:

You’ll learn how to take charge of your health and build a lifestyle that works for you without becoming a hermit or inflexible.

How we get there:

Working the Perimeter – You’ll spend less time and money in the grocery store, not get hijacked on the cookie aisle and breeze through with a cart full of wonderful.

Enjoying Restaurants & Social Gatherings – Meals out won’t wreck your momentum and you’ll discover that your idea of food indulgences changes and it doesn’t come with a side order of guilt.

Navigating Menus – We’ll explore the menus from some of your favorite restaurants and figure out some great options.

Exploring the Magic of Farmers’ Markets– You quickly figure out will why some of the area’s top chefs and restaurant owners love these folks!

Avoiding Getting Hustled by “Healthy” – You’ll have a new B.S detector to help save you from the hype that’s never-ending – from the well-meaning friend, the click-bait news pieces, or the sketchy food hiding behind a “healthy” label.

Breaking up with Perfect -Sometimes you need to hammer the cupcake or enjoy those slices of pizza. The magic is in your next meal!


Getting and staying healthy shouldn’t require endless hours in the gym.

It does mean that you have to move.

And push yourself a little to get stronger and faster.

Together we’ll build and customize an exercise / movement strategy that supports your goals and gets you started and keeps you going.

We’re Walking, Lifting and Carrying Machines

We’re wired to be strong, agile and resilient, our survival used to depend on it. 

You’ll learn how to leverage the benefits of your innate primal inheritance.

Our Goal:

DOABLE is designed to get you addicted to the increased energy, strength, and focus that exercise and movement provide.

How we get there:

Postural Assessment – We’ll look at how you stand and move and that gives us clues about where to start.

Starting Smart – Exercise snacks, balance exercises and shorter workouts give us the stability and a foundation to build on.

Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity – Exercise and movement should build us up, not burn us out – it’s quality over quantity – minimal effective dose.

Muscle Makes You More Durable – It doesn’t take hours and hours to get stronger but it does take some work – you’ll love how it makes you feel!

Making Movement a Part of You – Walking, cycling, swimming, rowing are all great ways to add some movement to your day.

Understanding and Avoiding Burnout – We’ll avoid overtraining and poor recovery because it doesn’t match up well with how we’re wired and it’s counter-productive.

Play, Movement, and Connection Strategies

For years we’ve been convinced that if we’re not miserable and sweating it’s not working.

We’ll take a look at the importance of play, hobbies, human connection, and unwinding to improve mood, resilience, recovery, range of motion, and just for the fun of it.

And if you need any more encouragement – research shows that playful adults live an average of 10 years longer than their less playful peers.

Our Goal:

Playing is part of our DNA, we need to do a better job of embracing it and giving ourselves permission.

How we get there:

Playing Your Way to Healthy – Animals play, kids play, we’ll wake up your inner kid and get you playing more and stressing less.

Giving Stress A Break – It’s hard to be stressed and do something that you really enjoy at the same time.

Yoga – Who doesn’t need to be a little stronger, longer, and more relaxed? Down Dog and YouTube options give us lots of choices.

Smart Sprinting

You may not be ready for a full out sprint but we’ll plot a path so that when your body is ready you can reap the metabolic benefits.

Our Goal:

Your body will adapt and get stronger and faster when you apply well-managed demands.

How we get there:

Sprinting When You’re Ready – Our body is begging for us to challenge it occasionally – smart sprints can accomplish that.

Ramping Up Wisely – Rowing, biking, running, stairs, swimming – there are a lot of ways we can ramp it up when you’re ready.


We all know someone who brags about how little sleep they can get by on.

Growing evidence suggests that lack of sleep impacts brain function, memory formation, elevates the stress hormone cortisol, and disrupts metabolism.

But recovery is not just about sleep. It’s also about physical recovery, stress management, and mental resiliency / mindfulness.

We’ll build DOABLE recovery strategies that include sleep hygiene, stress management / mindfulness, play, and also learn how to better support physical recovery.

Sweet Dreams

Some people can sleep anywhere. For the rest of us subtle changes to our environment can help improve our sleep. We’ll also look at some sleep hacks that travel well.

Our Goal:

Sleep impacts everything from skill acquisition, immune function to blood sugar regulation – you learn how to improve your sleep quality.

How we get there:

Sleep Hygiene – You’ll learn about some simple changes to make in your bedroom that can move you from counting sheep to grabbing shut-eye.

Building a Routine for Better Sleep – What you do in the hours leading up to bed has a big impact on your quality of sleep. We’ll take a look at how to put the odds in your favor for some solid ZZZs.

ExercisIng and Meditating For Better Sleep – we’ll explore how to leverage them for best advantage

Stress Management & Mindfulness

Stress gets a bad rap.

Not all stress is the enemy – certain types can make you stronger, more alert and resilient.

But chronic stress can be debilitating and lead to inflammation, burn-out and illness.

We’ll explore some practices that can help you better manage stress and build your mental and physical resiliency muscles.

Our Goal:

Getting better at leveraging the useful parts of stress and letting go of the stuff that doesn’t serve us deserves attention

How we get there:

Leveraging Meditation and Mindfulness Resources – We’ll explore how regular mindfulness practice can tame our lizard brains.

Building Stress Management Muscles – Mindfulness and meditation help you manage stress and improve your sleep and recovery and simple tasks like mowing the lawn or doing the dishes can help build those mindfulness muscles.


Physical Recovery

It’s important to remember that our gains occur during the recovery period after the exercise, not the exercise alone.

Exercise is a critical piece of that chain, but skipping or short-changing recovery will compromise results and risk injury and burnout.

We’ll explore multiple active and passive recovery options.

Our Goal:

You’ve done the workout now make sure your recovery helps you reap all of the benefits.

How we get there:

Avoiding Burnout and Injury – When it comes to exercise, we pay attention to dose and response.

Moving at an Easy Pace – This is something critical that we need to learn from our ancestors and is another thing our body is expecting – it’s also an excellent form of recovery.

Building an Active Recovery Approach – Foam Rolling, Walking, Swimming, Yoga, Sauna – We’ll give you plenty of recovery options.

Dialing in the Nutritional Side of Recovery – Protein is a key piece of the recovery process.
Pricing and Other Details


Phone, text, web conference and email


Zoom calls at mutually agreed upon days and times + brief daily check-in via text


12 weeks



$2000 full payment
$700 per month for 3 months

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