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Welcome to A Balanced You and the 21 Day Challenge

I started A Balanced You because I wanted to help people take the hassle out of getting healthy.

Don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t one of those “eat ice cream and chocolate cake and just take this pill and watch the weight melt off” hustles.

This is about learning how to work with your body’s natural wiring instead of against it.

Let me explain what I mean.

We’ve been given some pretty sketchy advice about diet and exercise for years and it hasn’t been serving us well.

We’ve been told to eat our heart-healthy whole grains even though that’s not a natural fuel for our metabolic engine.

It’s like filling up the gas tank of a Ferrari with chocolate pudding and then being surprised when it won’t run.

We evolved during the two and a half million years of the Paleolithic period.

Basically, the period just preceding the advent of agriculture 8-10,000 years ago.

Our genetic cake was baked prior to grain, corn or beans became a dietary mainstay.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, lifespan and general health actually diminished when we went from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agrarian one.

Pulitzer Prize winner, Jared Diamond, calls agriculture “the worst mistake in the history of the human race.”


I’m not going to suggest that we abandon civilization and start foraging for our food, but what I am suggesting is that we have to figure out how to better manage our food, movement and recovery strategies so that they work with our inherited Homo sapiens blueprint instead of against it.

I’m suggesting A Balanced You.

We’ll talk about the differences between Paleo, Primal and Keto and we’ll explore a way of eating that adjusts easily to support your varying health and fitness needs.

We’ll also look at the magic of exercising in a way that keeps your heart rate below 180 minus your age.

And we’ll look at the benefit of periodically cranking your heart rate up for brief periods of time with a series of short sprints.

We’re also going to talk about recovery and sleep.

Do you know someone that says that they’ll sleep when they’re dead?

Unfortunately, they may not have to wait as long as they think.

You’ll learn why it’s critical that you make sleep a priority. We’ll also talk about getting out and moving, lifting heavy things, getting some sunshine, and different strategies for dealing with stress.

Thanks for joining the 21-day challenge.

I look forward to helping you create your version of A Balanced You.

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I moved to Austin in the late 70’s to get a biology degree from UT and I’ve been here ever since.

I worked for years in the technology and telecommunications sectors in Austin but I was always interested in health and nutrition.

I was a big fan of heart healthy whole grains, avoided saturated fat and did my best to eat lean meats.

So, I was surprised and a little pissed off when I found out that I had heart disease. My whole wheat muffins had let me down.

That’s when I found Paleo or it found me. I read Robb Wolf’s, The Paleo Solution and I was hooked.

The science made sense to me and I liked the way that I felt when I started eating this way.

I want to help you discover A Balanced You.

If you’d like to learn more about my experience or, better yet, are interested in learning how you can get in better shape than you ever thought possible without having to eat food that you hate or killing yourself in the gym let’s schedule a 15-minute call.

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