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60 Days to A Balanced You

60 days to a leaner, stronger, calmer, more energetic you

It’s more doable than you think

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60 Days to A Balanced You is about learning food, movement, and recovery strategies that work with you - instead of against you.

This is a hands-on approach for people that don’t want to read another book or listen to another podcast and you are ready to get started. I work with you one-on-one over a 60 day period with weekly live video calls and daily support / check-ins via email or text.

We start by understanding your “why” and creating a plan around it. Some of areas that we work on together include – cleaning out your pantry and restocking your kitchen with healthier options, weekly challenges, cooking demonstrations, movement and strength activities (some we do together), recovery strategies such as mindfulness exercises and better sleep hygiene – and many more ways to help you build and sustain this new and improved version of yourself.

If you are ready for leaner, calmer, stronger, more energetic you, you owe it to yourself to schedule a 30 minute call with me to figure out if this program will work for you.


We’re still basically hunter-gatherers at the genetic level and we’re living proof that hunter-gatherers don’t do well on a refined carb / fast food diet. A Balanced You is about eating real food that satisfies you, energizes you and supports your health. I work with you to build a sustainable way of eating that supports your goals and pleases your palate.

Starting point

The first thing that we’ll do is understand where you are, understand a little about how you got there, and determine what you want to accomplish. We’ll also explore the steps and the work required to get started as well as your willingness to do the work.

Our genetic architecture / ancestral influence

We’ll explore why we’re wired to eat this way and why it’s easy to get fat and sick eating a standard American diet.

Food Preferences, allergies and non-negotiables

We’ll talk about what you like to eat as well as any food allergies/intolerances and any non-negotiables.

The next 60 days

Informed by your starting point and your desired trajectory we’ll build a strategy for your next 60 days. We’ll discuss the differences between Paleo, Primal, Keto and AIP and map out a path.

Kitchen rehab

This isn’t a construction project – instead, it’s getting rid of the stuff in your fridge, cabinets, and pantry that can derail your progress. Bye bye Ben & Jerry’s.

We’ll explore the carb curve and nutrient density and their effects on weight management and potential health consequences.

Grocery store strategy

We’ll equip you with a new approach to grocery shopping that supports your health and tastes great.

Navigating common pitfalls

I’ll help you build a strategy to handle restaurants, family gatherings, and those well-intended friends that can’t help themselves from giving you their sage advice.

Low Hassle / Full Flavor Meal Planning

We’ll explore some meal planning options that are big on flavor and low on hassle. I’ll go over some of my approaches that minimize kitchen time but avoid eating the same food all the time.

Let’s cook something

As part of this program, you will also get complimentary access to the Fearless Cooking program – a live weekly cooking webinar where we prepare delicious meals together.


Getting and staying healthy shouldn’t require endless hours in the gym. It does mean that we have to get off our butts and move. It also means that we need to lift heavy things (pushups and air squats count) and that we need to sprint once in a while. We’ll figure out an exercise / movement strategy that supports your goals and gets you started.

Heart Rate Training

We’ll discuss the downside of chronic cardio exercise and how and why to avoid it as well as the right way to build aerobic capacity.

Primal Aligned Movements

We’ll look at some strength training options that start where you are.

Play and Movement

For years we’ve been convinced that if we’re not miserable and sweating it’s not working. We’ll take a look at the importance of play and the benefit of just going for a walk or a hike.


You may not be ready for a full out sprint but we’ll plot a path so that when your body is ready you can reap the metabolic benefits.

Stretching / Yoga

Who couldn’t use some extra strength, balance, range of motion and mobility – and throw in a side order of improved mood and mental function?

7 Minute Workouts

12 exercises in 7 minutes with nothing but body weight, a chair and a wall – high intensity interval training that builds strength and stamina but in much less time.


We all know someone who brags about how little sleep they can get by on. Growing evidence suggests that lack of sleep impacts brain function, memory formation, elevates the stress hormone cortisol, and disrupts metabolism. But recovery is not just about sleep. Recovery also includes physical recovery, stress management, and mental resiliency / mindfulness. We’ll build doable recovery strategies that include sleep hygiene, stress management / mindfulness, play, and also learn how to better support physical recovery.

Sleep hygiene

Some people can sleep anywhere. For the rest of us subtle changes to our environment can help improve our sleep. We’ll also look at some sleep hacks that travel well.

What you do in the hours leading up to bed can also have a big impact on your quality of sleep. We’ll take a look at how to put the odds in your favor for some solid ZZZs.

Stress Management

Stress gets a bad rap. Not all stress is the enemy – certain types can make you stronger, more alert and resilient. But chronic stress can be debilitating. It can lead to inflammation, burn-out and illness. We’ll explore some practices that can help you better manage stress and build your mental and physical resiliency muscles.


Here’s play again. it’s an important part of helping us unwind and restoring our perspective. It also helps keep it interesting and engaging. It’s a great way to take some of the work out of working out and reintroduce you to your inner child.


Mindfulness goes hand in hand with stress management. It’s also a great way to send our relentless inner-dialogue to charm school. We’ll look at some of the resources available.

Physical Recovery

It’s important to remember that our gains occur during the recovery period after the exercise, not the exercise itself. I get it – exercise is a critical piece of that chain, but skipping or short-changing recovery will compromise results and risk injury and burnout. We’ll explore multiple active and passive recovery options.

And here are some examples of the food you might be eating

Doesn’t look like deprivation, does it?!

Shrimp Stir Fry

Shrimp Stir Fry with Snow Peas & Mushrooms


Instant Pot Chili and Roasted Zucchini

Pork Chop Asparagus and Mushrooms

Pan Seared Pork Chops, Roasted Asparagus, Sautéed Mushrooms


Cast Iron Chicken

Roasted Salmon, sweet potatoes & sauteed snap peas

Roasted Salmon & Sweet Potatoes with Sautéed Snap Peas

Shrimp Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls with Shrimp with Mint Chutney and Almond Butter Dipping Sauce

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream & Quick Cherry Bliss Dessert

Let's get sauced

Delicious Home-made Sauces 

Fat Head Bagels

Fat Head Bagels

Fearless Cooking - Reverse Sear Steak

Reverse Sear Steaks

Pan Seared Salmon

Pan Seared Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Rutabaga

Big Ass Salad

Big Ass Salad with Assortment of Home-made Dressings

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Lettuce Wraps with Curried Okra and Cauliflower Rice

Spaghetti with green beans vinaigrette

Spaghetti and Blanched Green Beans with Vinaigrette

Lindsey from Colorado

As someone who has struggled maintaining a healthy weight, I appreciate the perspective I have been able to gain from Jim’s guidance. There is an abundance of information out there but it is so hard to sift through all the “noise”.

I not only gained some much-needed accountability and support through this program but it also changed my relationship with food. I finally feel like I am off the diet merry go round and on track understanding how food affects me. Not only have I dropped the pesky quarantine pounds but I’m sleeping better, my stress is managed and for the first time in my life, I actually love my workout plan!

Jim, thank you so much for your guidance, knowledge and support. This experience has truly been life changing.

Moe from California

Where do I begin?! How about losing almost 20 lbs in 2 months…and have kept it off since…all by eating REAL food, probably the first time in my adult life, and by being more efficient with my workouts. Needless to say, Jim has transformed my life. I have more energy to play with my kids than I’ve ever had, more mental clarity to run my business and I actually now look forward to whipping up delicious and healthy meals for my family, instead of going through the drive-thru every evening. Was definitely sceptical when I first started working with Jim but so glad that I stuck it out!

Ramona from Ontario, Canada

Jim has transformed the way my family and I shop, prepare, and enjoy food! From helping us sort through our pantry to eliminate foods that weren’t aligned with our health and wellness goals, to walking us through the grocery store aisles to ensure we were making better informed and flavorful choices, and teaching us how to make healthy and delicious meals using efficient appliances such as our InstaPot and oven, A Balanced You has been so easy and fun to work with!

Pricing and Other Details


Phone, text, web conference and email


Weekly calls at mutually agreed upon dates and times and daily check-ins via text or email


60 days


$1100 or 2 payments of $600 each

How To Get Started

Schedule a free 30-minute call with me and let’s get started building your version of A Balanced You.

If you are ready to get started, click here to signup.

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