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Jim Brown
My Recipes
Fat Head Bagels V2By Jim BrownThis is the second time we're making Fat Head Bagels. I like these so much better than regular bagels and if you have a food processor they are a breeze to make.
Spicy, Drunken Cranberries & Protein of ChoiceBy Jim BrownChipotle chile powder, orange liqueur, honey and molasses make these cranberries a big hit during the holidays. We'll also pan sear a steak or a pork chop and roast some asparagus while these are cooking. Yum!
Sweet Potato HashBy Jim BrownI love the versatility of this dish. It's perfect for breakfast, but also hits the spot for dinner. I always make enough for leftovers.
Cabbage SoupBy Jim BrownYour choice of ground meat - Pork, Turkey, Beef, Lamb - you pick it. This one is fast and delicious!
Fat Head BagelsBy Jim BrownKeto Bagels that make you forget about the carby ones!
Roasted Root Veggies & Steamed ArtichokesBy Jim BrownRoot veggies are great for a batch cook and worth firing up the oven and I'm getting converted to an artichoke fan. Especially if it comes with a side of aioli.
Sous Vide Egg BitesBy Jim BrownA perfect intro to Sous Vide Cooking - Sous Vide Egg Bites that defy description. Silky, custard like, delicious - that's a good start!
Reverse Sear SteaksBy Jim BrownYour new favorite way to cook a mouth watering, perfectly cooked, beautifully seared steak!
Let's Get Sauced!By Jim BrownWe're going to be making 4 sauces that you can customize into countless others. This episode of Fearless Cooking will dramatically up your flavor chops!
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