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Jim Brown
My Recipes
Egg Veggie Scramble, Bacon & Plantain PancakesBy Jim BrownFor me, breakfast denotes a type of food, not necessarily when I eat it. Scrambled eggs with lots of veggies, bacon and delicious plantain pancakes that are loaded with fresh blueberries, pecans and flaked coconut are tasty whenever you eat them!
Cast Iron ChickenBy Jim BrownChicken roasted to a perfect golden brown, incredibly juicy and a wonderful pan sauce- what's not to love.
Grilled Boneless Chicken ThighsBy Jim BrownQuick, easy and tasty - fire up the grill and while it's heading up season the boneless chicken thighs with your favorite rub or spice
Grilled AsparagusBy Jim BrownSuper simple, taste fantastic and minimal clean up. What's not to love?
Coconut Curried OkraBy Jim BrownI love fried okra but this is my new favorite way to fix and eat okra!
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