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big green egg review

Big Green Egg Review

I love music and I’ve always envied people that can play a musical instrument. I took a few guitar lessons when I was a kid but it wasn’t something that I stuck with. I wasn’t willing to put in the time that it was going to take to acquire or to develop the skill. So instead I enjoy listening to music and taking advantage of living in a town with some great musicians. Unfortunately, I won’t ever be able to walk into a little bar and catch Stevie Ray Vaughn playing any more, but thankfully Austin’s got some pretty incredible musicians that live here and is a place where great musicians also like to come and play.

Food and cooking are my creative outlet. I love to cook and I love cooking for other people. Watching someone enjoy something that you’ve prepared is extremely satisfying.

My Big Green Egg is like my Steinway, my Les Paul or my Strat. We make something special happen together. I know that I’m a pretty good cook – but I also know that my Big Green Egg makes me an even better cook. My son Ethan is a chef and told me something a long time ago that has influenced how I look at cooking.  He said to buy the best ingredients that you can and to coax the magic out of them without being too heavy handed or complicated – to let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Salmon on the Big Green Egg doesn’t need a lot of help. Lump charcoal, a few pieces of soaked hickory or oak and all the salmon needs is a little salt, some olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and maybe a little fresh dill. A few minutes (10-12) at 400 degrees and it will make your eyes roll back in your head.

Burgers, tri-tip, turkeys, sausage, briskets – I love them all on the egg. And now I’ve started tag teaming things that I’ve cooked sous vide and then using the egg to finish them – it’s a match made in heaven.

I’ve had mine for almost 10 years and it still works like a champ. I’ve replaced the fire grate once and I probably could have gotten that replaced for free. I’ve got a Webber gas grill that I used for quick stuff during the week and I’ve replaced almost every part on the grill.

I love my Big Green Egg!

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